Your Guide to Vehicle Titles in Texas

Texas Title Transfer

What is a Vehicle Title Transfer?

A vehicle title transfer is an essential procedure that needs to be followed through if you want to conduct a proper change of ownership of a vehicle. Ownership transfer is required when you are buying, selling, gifting or inheriting a car, or when you need to make name corrections. It can be a complicated procedure and there are a lot of requirements you need to meet and a series of documents that buyers and sellers have to provide. An improperly made title transfer can bring a lot of unwanted legal implications to both the buyer and the seller.

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That’s what we are here for. We will provide you with comprehensive and detailed information on everything that has to do with title transfers in the state of Texas. You can find out what specific situations require a title transfer, what types of documents you need, what fees need to be paid, how to make an out-of-state title transfer, no matter whether you are a new Texas resident or you have purchased a vehicle from another state.

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